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Renaissance Flutes
Renaissance Flutes

Renaissance Flutes
A complete set of recorders, Bass, Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Sopranino, beautifully played by one of Sweden's top flutists and recorded at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden.
This set of recorders gives you the possibility to perform classic recorder music, to explore the wonderful tone of the recorders or use as a great mood setter in your music, (remember "Stairway to heaven"?) The recorders have been recorded(!) chromatically, that is, all notes within the instruments natural range has been recorded. There are no loops! Each tone is held for about 5 seconds, and that's how long a musician normally can hold a note without breathing.

Included flutes are: Bass, Alto, Tenor, Sopran and Sopranino

Demo 1 - Reverb added
Demo 1B - Same as Demo 1, but without reverb
Demo 2 - Soprano Recorder, Reverb Added, Ac Guitar from the K2 library, LARGE FILE! 14.1Mb
Demo 3 - Tenor and Soprano Recorder, Reverb Added, Strings from the K2 library

" One of the following: Gigastudio 2, Gigastudio 3, HALion, Kontakt sampler or any sampler that can read these formats.
" DVD-Reader
" Pentium III 800 GHz with 512Mb RAM or similar

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Price: $119.00
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Perfect for recorder fans!

Palestrina7 - 01/20/2014

This little library surprised me when I loaded it up for the first tme. It is wonderful! These are clear, warm, accurate instruments that can easily fool even experienced recorder players. I've done it. They really work for the obvious Renaissance uses...

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