Tubed Wurli

The Wurlitzer 200A™ electric piano has been used on countless recordings and its distinct sound has been the signature for many, many artists. The SampleTekk version of the Wurlitzer 200A™ has been recorded using vacuum tube amplifiers, in this case, a Fender Twin™ amplifier. We have preferred this method to the more conventional one of simply lining the piano, because we believe that this gives the piano the roughness and growl needed to capture the true sound of the instrument. The Piano has been sampled in thirds, that is, no notes are transposed more then a semi note, (note: some notes might be recorded outside this concept since they sounded better…). Each recorded note has 16 velocity samples plus 16 release samples giving you incredible control over dynamics and tone and provides you with super-realistic playing. All samples are 24 bit, no loops. 

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