White Sister

The White Grand by SampleTekk is by many musicians and composers believed to be the finest contemporary studio rock/pop/jazz Grand Piano. The White Grand is heard on numerous recordings and are used on soundtracks from many movies and other media. When designing the White Grand we went for a very special sound. A sound that would make the White Grand special and stick out. This called for close miking with microphones placed close to the hammers/strings.

We also recorded a second stereo pair using two microphones in a position that's more normal for piano recordings and mixed that with the original microphones; this gave a bit more ambience and a slightly rounder tone but with all the characteristics that makes the White Grand so Grand. You get an astonishing 32 different velocity samples, not only layers, but 32 DIFFERENT samples per note, 16 samples for pedal up, 16 for pedal down (plus 4 release samples). With the exception of other SampleTekk pianos, this is unique among most sampled pianos today!

This SampleTekk-only gives you incredible and natural control over the dynamics from the softest pianissimo to the most brutal fortissimo you can imagine! In short, a different colour, still with the force and bite of the White Grand, but also providing enough body for classical work giving you an incredible all-round Grand Piano: The White Sister.

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