Piano Compare Page

Posted June 26, 2018 by System Administrator Events.

We have started this page so you can compare all the pianos we have in our range. We are currently working on it, so more pianos will be added daily. Please note that you can't buy anything on this page, it's just for info/demos. You can download the demos by right-clicking and choosing "Save as". If you left-click, the demos will be played in your browser. We have used the same MIDI file to generate all the demos. No effects or processing have been added or done to the demos. The prices are the regulare ones. When we are having sales and special offers, they might be different. Please check each instruments page for the correct price


Using EXS24 instruments in MainStage

Posted July 15, 2014 by Per Larsson Events.

Mainstage is a great application, (only available for Mac), that turns your Mac into a workstation to use both live and in recording situations. It's packed with instruments, effects and other goodies.

Now, a thing that peopla are a bit unaware of, is the fact that you can load your EXS24 instruments into Mainstage! Here's a short tutorial written by John Maroli.

This tutorial is for installing and using EXS24 instruments in MainStage 3. Used in this tutorial was MainStage 3.0.3 and Mac OSX 10.9.3

Installing EXS24 Instruments in MainStage 3.


Download your instrument and unzip all files. The instrument folder that you need will contain files ending in “.exs” and another folder containing all of the individual audio samples. In this case, the instrument is the