ST Clav

Hohner Clavinet D6 ©, has for years been putting the onk in funk, but with it’s distinct timbre, unique design and great respons, it’s been a tonal tool for musicians in many genres.
I guess that one can’t talk about the Clav without mention Stevie Wonder who’s classic riffing on ”Superstition” really put the Hohner Clav on the map.
But musicians like John Paul Jones gave many Zep songs a special character using the clav, and so did Rolling Stones, Billy Preston, Steely Dan, Utopia, Fleetwood Mac, Rainbow, Utopia and many, many others.

So, the Clavinet has not only been used in funky 70’s disco anthems, heavy rockers, prog bands and musicians from all camps has used this instrument.
It is really a staple instrument for the keyboard player

Being a string instrument that uses single coil pickups, this instrument was built to be played through an amp. So, naturally, we recorded it that way.
Using a Fender Twin © tube amp makes this instrument sound the way it was intended.





















  • All 4 microphone combinations
  •  Recorded through a tube amplifier
  •  More the 5Gb of pristine 24 bit stereo samples
  •  Over 4800 Samples
  • 16 velocity levels, matching release samples and 3 round robin hammerback noise

You'll need minimum Kontakt 4 full version. It will open in the free player, or with a player that came with another Kontakt instrument, but only in a demo mode. That means that there's a time limitation/session.

Included are also EXS24 and HALion programs. They don't have the GUI that the Kontakt version has, but uses exactly the same samples.

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