ST Pianet

It's a small electric piano that has a rather weird way of producing sounds!
The plastic of the key is mounted on a pivoting metal bar, onto the back of which a slightly sticky silicone rubber pad is slid. The pad sits on top of, and in contact with, a flat metal reed (not a tine) and presses it down so that the reed is under a bending strain. When you depress the key, the pad lifts, not only allowing the reed to spring straight, but also pulling it upward for a fraction of an inch before the adhesion is broken.
Kind of cool!
Originally it didn’t come with a sustainpedal, but the sampled verison has! If you are a Pianet T purist, simply hide your sustain pedal in a dark place!

Important: Works with Kontakt 4.2 or higher. Will NOT work with the Free Kontakt Player

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